The Top 5 NFC payment apps you need to know

manishbagra , June 16, 2018 The Top 5 NFC payment apps you need to know

NFC  apps or Near Field Communication apps are currently immensely used in the retail sector. It is a simple method of contactless communication of different data between the devices which are in close proximity, and this technology is being widely adopted in Europe, North America and Asia. The NFC technology offers a secure architecture along with a compatible framework for the application vendors in order to harness this technology for the purpose of mobile payment capabilities, for instance, peer-to-peer money exchange. Here  we mention Top 5 nfc payment apps.

How exactly does NFC perform?

NFC essentially builds upon various RFID systems which allow two-way communication between different endpoints, where the earlier systems like a contactless smart card were the only one-way. It has already been used in different devices which run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, also names with a feature known as “Android Beam” that was first being introduced in Google Nexus.
In order to process NFC mobile payments, the Android Beam essentially uses NFC in order to enable Bluetooth on both of the devices, instantly pair them and then disable Bluetooth on different devices automatically once the required transaction is completed. It is quite extensively used in Samsung Galaxy devices with a particular feature named as S-Beam.

Top 5 Best NFC Payment Apps

At present, there are different NFC compatible smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Series, Google Nexus Series and the iPhone. A lot of companies are getting onboard to leverage this technology. The top 5 NFC payment apps in the market today are:

1. Android Pay

It is among the most popular digital wallets. Any person who has this particular app on his Android smartphone can essentially pay with a simple tap against a particular point of the sale terminal that has NFC. The given list of countries to provide support to Android Pay has grown tremendously in last two years. There are a lot of companies and vendors like PayPal which has teamed up with this app to make the use of this touch and pay app functionality. Most of the retailers are now offering customized tap and pay apps to their customers.

2. Apple Pay

It is a widely popular NFC payment method from the Apple which allows the iOS device owners to easily make purchases with most of the major retailers or through in-app purchases. It utilizes the same principle of the particular contactless technology which works for short distances. In case your iOS device is switched on in any store, it can easily detect the present NFC field, it will provide a default card for the payment once the verification is done. In order to send payments information, all the user need is authenticate the particular purchase using a Touch ID or passcode. There is no payment information which can be shared without any authentication. This particular service is also available to Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch where the user can essentially double-click the available side button on the locked device in order to activate the default card for buying the product.
Once the user has authenticated the payment, his device account number as well as transaction-specific dynamic code of security are offered to the Secure Element. This particular information is also required along with different additional details in order to fulfil the given transaction at the point of sale terminal of the retailer.

3. Samsung Pay

Rivalling both the Apple Pay and Android Pay is Samsung Pay that uses the near-field technology or NFC technology in order to process the payments at a particular tap-to-pay terminal. Also, Samsung Pay provides compatibility with different magnetic strip terminals. This particular service allows you to pay for services and products by simply waving the Samsung device near any cash register rather than swiping a credit card or even supplying the payment information. The inherent payment platform works with different devices of Samsun Galaxy. Hence it will essentially work with all of the compatible smartphones as well as Tablets along with Gear S3 smartwatch which depends on the region. Just like Apple Pay, it uses biometric authentication as well as authorization in order to process any contactless payment.

4. Visa payWave

It is one of the popular choice when it is about contactless payment technologies. It allows the users to easily pay by just waving their own card over a particular secure reader. There is no requirement to insert or even swipe the card. The payment is actually authorized, processes, as well as billed in a particular secured way. All the one has to make sure is that the particular bank of yours participates in the Visa payWave for different mobile service and the user have the right and relevant NFC payment app on the user phone.

Rather than tapping the credit card on any NFC machine at the given checkout counter, all one has to do is just wave the smartphone or simply tap it on the machine in order to make the payments. It will be then able to identify the user’s credit card information which is linked to the user’s Google account. Link the debit or credit card to the Google account, and you can leave the wallet at your home and at this particular moment, it only performs with the phone as well as credit cards from the UK and the US. Currently, it provides over 20 merchants on ground and online, along with a promise to more merchants to come.

5. MasterCard PayPass

A contactless payment service which is also being supported by Google Wallet. This is a contactless NFC payment apps which has different features like the American Express’s ExpressPay and also the Visa’s payWave. This app is based on ISO/IED 14443 standard which offers the cardholders with a quite simpler way in order to pay by simply tapping a particular payment card or any payment device like a smartphone or key fob, on a given point of sale terminal reader instead of swiping or even inserting a card. It is being used on transactions up to as well as including $50 USD, $100 CAD, £20 GBP or AUD.


The growing demand for NFC payment apps is there with more buyers as well as merchants who are realizing its benefits. With the assistance of technological advancements as well as keen interest in the Near Field Communication or NFC mobile payment marketplace as well as the development of these NFC payment apps is also becoming a much popular choice for the mobile payments. These different payment apps that we have mentioned-above are revolutionizing the entire purchasing experience, and more number of users are getting excited about it and adopting it.


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