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Node Js development right now one of the top approach for backend web development. Node.js is not a programming language this is an environment provide features to runs Javascript framework on the server side. It’s truly exciting because now web app running 10x faster. We at Pixel Point Technology Javascript development company from India offer to hire node js developers for creating fast, user-friendly. a cost-effective web app which builds using Javascript framework such as Angular, Express.js and runs on the Chrome V8 engine.

Benefits of Node.js in the backend

Since long time web development using backend programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby for server related tasks. Javascript for the front end related task. Well, the traditional approach of the stateless HTTP protocol.

  • NodeJS allow running javascript on both frontend and backend.

  • NodeJS use real-time connection instead of the stateless HTTP protocol.

Why hire node js developers from us?

Being one of the most leading Javascript Development Company in India, we have essentially adopted the prestigious NodeJS Development as our most commonly used technology for which we have served as well as gathered a professional team of Javascript Developers who have the vital certifications from the relevant organizations and have huge experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the JavaScript libraries.

We at Pixel Point Technology offer hiring model to dedicated Node.js developers on the hourly, monthly basis and fixed price to build interactive, feature-rich and fast loading web applications. We build simple as well as the scalable enterprise-grade web which uses Node.js backend for all business sectors.

Hire Node JS Developers Monthly

In this hiring model, we mould our service for cost-effective with long-term relations. Well, you can understand this as a dedicated programmer will work monthly wise for your projects. When a developer works long term for single project redcue development time which tends to reduce cost automatically.

This service includes:

  • NDA for 3 years.

  • 160 hours dedicated support on a monthly basis from skilled NodeJS developer

  • Advance Monthly booking.

  • Direct developer communication using Skype, MSN during working hours.

Hire Node JS Developers Hourly

Do you have existing NodeJS application and you need amendment or want to add the new module. this is one of the best models for hire node js programmer. Well, in this developer will work hourly with prior estimation of hours to complete the task.

Hire Node JS Developers Fixed Price

Do you want to create a new web app with the fixed requirement? We recommend to chose fixed price because of the cost of the final product you will aware of starting. We use an Agile development approach expert node js developer with business analysis estimate cost and duration to complete web app in starting.

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