Symfony vs Laravel Vs Yii Vs CakePHP : Which One To Choose?

Manish Sharma , October 8, 2018 symfony vs laravel

PHP is among the leading programming languages when it comes to web development. Its popularity is rapidly increasing every year owing to its own robust frameworks which make the entire development of much larger projects uncomplicated and smooth. Among those frameworks are Symfony, Laravel, Yii, and CakePHP. Let’s look at these frameworks, understand Symfony vs Laravel vs Yii vs CakePHP and determine which one you should choose.

First let’s go deeper into the two most significant frameworks: Symfony and Laravel

Main differences: Symfony vs Laravel

1. Symfony

Symfony is an apt choice for complex or large-scale enterprise level projects. It is quite a stable framework, and it assists the developer to easily create various scalable websites which are wee-suited for changing business needs. It can easily work with a few of the largest open source platforms like Piwik, PHPBB, and Drupal. It is among the most feature-rich PHP frameworks. Among the most important technological benefits of this framework are Components and Bundles

The Bundle is similar to a plugin. Consider it like a package of various files for the implementation of any particular feature. The main advantage of bundles is that they are actually decoupled. You can easily configure as well as reuse them for different applications in order to reduce the overall cost of development.

The Components are essentially generic features which reduce the various routine tasks and also allow the developers to focus on various specific business features easily. At present, there are 30 Symfony Components which facilitate the entire development process. You can easily use the components independently and even add your own custom modules without any trouble to the entire architecture. The components can also be easily utilized standalone in different other frameworks such as Laravel or in a particular PHP solution,

The bundles, as well as components, assist in eliminating the various strict dependencies present in the architecture. The lesser the dependencies you have, the easier it becomes to make different changes without even risk of actually breaking different parts of the system. Hence, you can easily adapt the particular solution to any particular requirement as well as user scenarios in order to develop a highly flexible web application.

There are different easy scalability options which are available in Symfony. You can certainly do that by means of optimizing the propels and limiting the total number of projects to hydrate which minimizes the total number of queries with different joins as well as avoiding the use of temporary arrays.

If Symfony is implemented in a better fashion, then its speed is the total sum of the different individual speeds of various features it includes. The speed of Symfony is actually the consequence of a series of different choices which you actually make to decide if a feature should make it to the actual core or not. Thus, it is much faster than any type of PHP frameworks.

2. Laravel

It is a PHP framework that is purely meant to developer various MVC-based web applications. It is actually an open-source PHP framework which is well-known to be among the finest in the entire PHP family.

Laravel actually enforces various constraints between different database objects with the assistance of an advanced query builder mechanism. Along with this, it also offers an easy version control system which assists by simplifying the entire migrations management.

It has an auto-loading facility, and it doesn’t require manual maintenance or any inclusion path. It also assists in generating different new tools with the assistance of an IoC container.

Authentication remains of one of the vital factors of the entire web development project. With this framework, it is quite similar since it contains various ready-to-use authentication system which is inbuilt. You only have to configure the database migrations, models, views, and controllers in order to make the entire system work.

This framework is quite fast as well as easy to set up along with customizing.


The contract is actually a set of various interfaces which defines various core services. In case you are require caching in a particular package, you can easily achieve that using the IlluminateContactcache. You can easily do cache programming at any place in the entire code utilizing the concrete cache class without actually changing the package code.

Route caching

This speeds up the entire application route registration. It is best suited for the developers in case their application has a particularly large number of routes. You can easily use the PHP artisan route: cache as well as PHP artisan route: clear commands in order to turn OFF and ON the route catching in the particular program. It is mostly implemented as a vital part of the deployment process.


It is another vital part of any particular web application, and the developers have to spend a lot of time writing the entire authentication code. It has become quite simpler in the recent version update of Laravel. It contains a particular inbuilt authentication system which is easy to use. We at Pixel Point Technology offer service Hire Laravel developer using hourly, monthly and fixed price basis using transparent billing with quality work guaranteed.

3. Yii

It is a fast, secure and high-performance web and application development framework. It actually uses the Composer dependency manager for the PHP for the purpose of handling various dependencies as well as installations. It is among the fastest PHP framework owing to the lazy loading technique.

A major feature of this framework is jQuery integration. This integration allows front-end developers to embrace this framework quite quickly easily and it utilizes scaffolding in order to generate code. Like Symfony, it also uses components in order to enable faster application development.

4. CakePHP

It is another major PHP framework, and there are a lot of significant reasons for choosing this framework for creating business web applications.

User-friendly tool

The major reason behind this PHP framework to get widely accepted as well as used is the extreme user-friendliness. It assists the developer to create complex websites in a much simpler way. Also, with CakePHP, it is quite easy to customize the entire website according to business requirements. It allows the developer to build designs with the assistance of a template editor quite easily.

Robust Performance

Another great aspect about this framework is that it offers flexible data validation process. Also, it makes the different complex structures quite simple for the website with the assistance of the advanced tools. Hence, it supports the developer to easily develop a different website in various languages which are used all over the world.

Innovation Ability

Among the best things about CakePHP development is that it actually supports unit testing as well as provides various necessary skills in order to ensure that it provides the best functionality and offers multi-talent resources with quite an extensive knowledge.

CRUD Scaffolding

It is among the best things about CakePHP since a single code line can easily generate the entire web application and it offers three major vital activities for the app. The word CRUD actually stands for Create, Read, Update as well as Delete. It can easily be customized on the basis of particular business requirements in order to cater to the different requirements that are necessary to achieve various goals.


There are various PHP development frameworks. Among these frameworks, Symfony, Laravel, Yii, and CakePHP are the significant ones often used by most of the developers. When it comes to choosing the one among these platforms, it comes down to the framework which offers more features, functionalities, customization, and flexibility. Laravel provides all of these vital aspects as we have discussed above. Hence, if you have to choose a PHP web development framework Symfony vs Laravel vs Yii vs CakePHP, then we recommend that you go with Laravel.

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