Why You Should Not Use Android App Cleaner

Manish Sharma, January 18, 2021

The most confusing topic which approximately 90% of the Android users are confused about. To use or not to use Android App Cleaner is the most common question among all the users. Here is the answer “No,” you actually need not download any application as in the name of Android app cleaner. You can find many topics and debates on the same question. Are android app cleaners are healthy for a smartphone or not? The straightaway answer goes “No.” Wondering why?

The problems with Android App Cleaner ?

It looks pretty fresh and exciting while you watch your android cleaning applications clears all the mess and cache data and stops the application which works in the background. Moreover, you watch that the applications are claiming to boost the speed of your device. Well, just analyze it. How is this possible?

  • No matter what is the size of the application, it will use RAM of your phone to perform its function and eventually it will slow down the speed of the phone.

  • Almost all the android cleaning applications come with ads which create a lot of junk files which are any day anyway harmful to your device.

  • It swallows down a good amount of battery. The other applications it stops which has their nature to work in the background will continuously re-appear and thus results in the continuous use of android cleaning apps. Overall, the interaction of these apps together will affect the battery.

  • Apart from all of the points, the basic work of android cleaning applications is to remove the cache. Removing the cache, again and again, will slow down your device. As everytime the application will run, it will recreate the cache, which will consume more time than the required time.

  • Maximum devices these days come with in-built cleaner which is best for you device. You need not load any assistance. Moreover, approximately all devices are encrypted, they do not allow much of the junk harm your device.

  • Talking about the Android version then users at least carry Android Nougat where the latest version is Android 9 Pie. All these android versions are fast and faster in compiling with the work of applications in the background. These versions are sufficient in itself to manage the processing of RAM.

  • Most of the devices these days at least carry 4GB of RAM that is pretty sufficient to make your device run smoothly without any lags.

Basic Facts About Android App Cleaner

There was a time when once few of these applications were actually important and successful in playing their role but now these are equivalent to the junk and trash in your device.

  • The android app cleaner is only useful when you have a device which has RAM size less or equal to 1GB, which continuously requires processing space.

  • Devices mostly come with built-in task manager which eliminates the need for these android cleaners, these are more like a taboo in the name of android app cleaners which are unnecessary for the devices above Android 4.4

  • There is nothing like “fast charging” via such applications. No application till now ever made which can help the functioning of the USB cable, Adapter and the electric power input from the switchboard. The charging is completely external and has nothing to do with the speed of charging.

  • Prevents from anti-virus? Well, encrypted devices need not any anti-virus.

  • Are they good for Backup? Android devices can backup whole of their data to the respective phone cloud or to the google drive. They are best and sufficient./p>

  • They do not boost up any memory. Actually, the device with RAM above 2 GB need not require any memory booster.

Replacement of Android App Cleaner

  • Instead of using these Android app cleaners, you can directly go to the storage of your device and clear the cache memory. For thumbnails and other junk files you can go to the File Explorer, Then DCIM and there you can see the thumbnail folder, you can delete the whole folder. It will not make you lose any important data. If you do not see the thumbnail folder. Look for options which in which you can ask for “Show hidden files.” Close all the applications from the “Recent” button on the home screen.

Bottom Line

  • My above article is just an answer to the one simple question, “Why You Should Not Use Android App Cleaner?” One simple answer shot is- because you do not need these applications for your device. All the devices of recent times are sufficient in themselves. They can mobilize the memory of RAM and maintain the good performance of your device by itself. Talking about the fast charging then we can witness Type-C charging facility for the latest devices and for the old one adapter with higher input are available which can charge your device rapidly. All of this eliminates the need for Android App Cleaners. As an expert app development company, we won’t recommend cleaner apps.

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