Unreal Engine vs Unity – Which engine is best for games development

Manish Sharma , October 29, 2018 Unreal Engine vs Unity

When we consider game engines, there are two significant players, Unreal and Unity 3D engine. If you are actually updated about the entire gaming world, you might have heard and known a great deal about Unity 3D which has over 4.5 million , and it holds 48% of the market share while Unreal engine takes on 13% of market share. However, it doesn’t reflect the main issue which we are going to address. Both of the game engines have their own unique offerings, and the decision is often based on your requirements. This brings us to the issue of Unreal Engine vs Unity 3D engine for games development.

Unreal Engine vs Unity - The Plan

Before we start our discussion about the differences between both of the engine, it is vital to decide which type of game you are actually trying to create. If you are trying to create 2D, 3D or something which is a mix of both, then the choice will depend accordingly. You might wish to keep your game fairly simple but interesting such as shooter games or word puzzles. It can be something which has certain high requirements of entire revenue generation with better quality graphics. In case you are building for personal launch or planning to launch on the app stores then the situation varies significantly. You have to decide all these relevant factors before you decide on the game engine. Hence, you need to have a plan ready, and some of these factors are mentioned below: Let us look Unreal Engine vs Unity using below points

Pricing Structure

The most significant factor which certainly comes into play is pricing. Both of the engines have few parts which are free while some are chargeable. For the full version of Unreal Engine, it can be free of cost, but if your game revenue is actually less than $3,000 per quarter, else 5% of your income will be charged.

In the case of Unity 3D, if the yearly game business revenue is less than $100,000, then it is free along with some limited things. With the paid version, you can easily get various important features like creating asset bundle or even the replacement of the standard splash screen. In the case of the profession version the actual price is $1,500, or you can choose the subscription of $75 per month. Along with these, there are various separate charges for the game development in Android and iOS. Hence, you can clearly see that if you are planning to create something big, then you should go forward with developing with Unity 3D. In case you have an experimental or simple plan then the Unreal engine can be the right choice.

Details about Programming Languages

In order to create a scalable and highly secure game which requires less code, the programming language is inherently important. While Unreal Engine uses d=C++ for coding, the Unity 3D utilizes C# or JavaScript. Deciding which particular program suits better for you is dependent on the personal preference and needs to be considered according to your skill sets. In case you prefer any of these particular programming languages over another kind of languages then the decision can be quite simple.

Introduction to Asset Store

Both Unreal and Unity 3D engine has their own particular asset stores. On those, you can easily get ready-to-use 3D models of various textures, characters, environments as well as particle systems and sound. Also, Unity 3D comes out on top as there are numerous assets in tis store. It contains almost everything, from GUI generators to animation, an extension for AI frameworks as well as ORK frameworks for the creation of RPGs. Due to the better asset store, you can easily create a great game with Unity 3D.

Platforms of Development

The large number of platforms that you can access, the much easier is to increase the customer base. Unreal engine can be developed on Android, iOS, Windows PC, Linux, VR, Mac OS X, HTML5, SteamOS, Xbox One and PS4. In case of Unity 3D, the platforms of development are Android, iOS, Windows Phone8, Android TV, Tizen, Samsung SMART TV along with Xbox One 360, Mac OS X, Windows PC, Linux, WebGL, Web Players, VR that includes Hololens, PS4, Playstation, SteamOS, Wii U and Vita. Hence you can clearly see that Unity 3D is the clear winner when it comes to the platform of development.

Ease of Usage

Unity 3D is particularly known for its great easy to use interface where any new developer can easily make games easily. Although Unreal Engine has made various improvements in its latest update, it is still lagging behind Unity 3D when it comes to user experience. Both of the interfaces are quite similar along with toolbars as well as settings within movable and resizable windows. The user interface of Unreal is quite complex and bloated. It takes a lot of time than Unity 3D in certain aspects. Assets take a much longer time to import as well as save, and the various simple tasks often need extra steps.

Unity 3D is quite fast as well as the interface is responsive and quick. It is quite light and can easily run on Windows XP (Special Edition 2) while the Unreal Engine requires Windows 7 (64-bit) at least. Even though the finished product can look quite nicer in Unreal in comparison to Unity 3D, it can certainly take a lot of efforts for most of the beginners.


Unreal Engine has its own Blueprint visual scripting. It has node-based scripting method duly embedded inside it. This means that you don’t have actually to write the code. It is great for quick prototyping levels, and you can also create entire games utilizing the Blueprint. In case you aren’t any professional app developer, you can still create games with few limitations. However, this particular facility isn’t available in case of Unity 3D which is a drawback.


When it comes down to graphics, and looking Unreal Engine vs Unity, Unreal Engine is quite ahead of Unity 3D. From various complex particular simulation systems along with advanced dynamic lighting, Unreal Engine has everything. Unreal Engine also has capabilities to easily create any type of visual style which you wish in 2D or 3D. It is quite great to have the option available to push the graphics even further especially if you choose to do so. In the case of Unity 3D’s updated version, it is quite expected to come near to the Unreal Engine.

Conclusion Unreal Engine vs Unity Both of these engines are quite phenomenal game creation tools and are quite similar in various ways. According to the different parameters we have discussed above, you can easily decide which particular one you wish to choose. However, since these engines are almost free, you can easily download them and try them both.

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