The Top 5 AI Chatbots you need to know

Manish Sharma, January 18, 2021

A lot of businesses are now choosing AI chatbots as an essential part of their business operations especially in customer service. There is a variety of reasons for this adoption. Chatbots can easily answer the inquiries of the customers in a cheaper and quicker manner in real-time. Another major reason is the inherent ease of installation of these chatbots. It takes a few moments to integrate the chatbot with the business website. Hire web app developer to integrate AI Chatbot in your business website. There are a plethora of chatbots available in the market. Mentioned below are top 5 AI chatbots which you ought to know.

Best AI chatbots for the website to increase conversions

1. BotEngine

  • With this chatbot, you can easily create any chatbot that you wish and integrate it with services and apps that you like. Just start with the given template and easily customize it by simple drag and drop actions to compose different bot’s answers and even decide its behavior. When the particular scenario is ready, you can easily use the customizable chat widget in order to instantly add the bot within your website or even choose from different available platforms like Slack, Facebook Messenger etc. to integrate with it. You can even automate different reputable parts of the customer help by means of adding this chatbot to the third-party chat services. You can improve the bot on a regular basis utilizing the training tool which is powered by the machine learning that includes unrecognized queries in case of your scenario. The bot can even communicate with different external services such that you can easily send the collected data right to the CRM and the database.

2. Clare.AI

  • It is a frontend assistant which offers modern online banking options.This virtual assistant consists of machine learning algorithms along with natural language processing. The algorithm is particularly trained to easily respond to different customer service FAQs, conduct internal inquiries with HR and IT, arrange appointments, and assist the customers to control their finances through the favourite messaging applications like WeChat, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. It can also draw a chart which shows the customer how they have actually spent their money.

3. Twyla

  • It is an intelligent conversational chatbot which manages live chat systems and helpdesk. It works within different enterprise systems like CRMs and ERPs. This company promises to save nearly 90 percent of your phone calls. It can retrieve unstructured data such as FAQ content and knowledge bases as well as structured data like chat history. It also allows you to track the key KPIs easily and even measure the total return on investment of the particular service bot that you are using.

4. Botsify

  • It is easy to integrate AI chatbot which allows you to not engage with programming. You can easily design different customized templates with a few clicks using its drag and drop interface. This chatbot compares different user queries like URLs and names against its own knowledge base. You can easily identify different questions that the chatbot has effectively failed to handle and also teach it various new things over time. It understands that the chatbots aren’t 100 percent accurate. So, this company allows a human agent to take over the live chats at any time easily.


  • It is another AI-powered chatbot which works with websites, messengers, Android and iOS apps. Morph allows you to automate nearly 70 percent of your entire customer support easily. It can even integrate with the existing CRM and support tools of your business. It can easily learn different new queries and even the responses over time. You can also add different carousels, cards and quick replies in order to enrich the conversations with your customers.


AI Chatbots are rapidly gaining prominence among the businesses. They offer new possibilities and ease of doing business. They help in streamlining the customer support and provide better services to the customers. They work 24/7, and most of them don’t require human support. They are based on machine learning and natural language processing which makes them even much smarter. They can easily handle heavy loads of customer inquiries. They automate the entire customer support system. All these above-mentioned top 5 AI chatbots are worth looking forward to.

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