Leveraging Social media to Market Your Mobile App

Manish Sharma Manish Sharma , October 31, 2017 Leveraging Social media to Market Your Mobile App

The days have gone when you have to work with your development team to develop an app and hope that it will become a huge success on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Those times are long gone when you have to work hard to develop an app and wait for people to download it. Maybe you
have already developed and launched an app on Google Play Store and iTunes and looking forward to its rise. As an app developer, you certainly expect that people will download your app in huge numbers. After all, you have put a lot of efforts in developing a standout app.


Wait. You are missing an essential part if you are not leveraging social media to market your app a success. Consider your app as a product which has to compete with other products for a restricted and limited part. You will definitely require every strategy in your arsenal to make sure that people download your app and make it their first choice. This is where you have to act and perform like a salesman. This is especially in the case when you don’t have the budget to hire a marketing agency or a consultant. Since you are a developer, you can certainly learn internet-based marketing skills without any hurdles and hassles. This is the critical juncture of mobile app development.


The most successful app developers had to take the social media marketing route. In case you wish that your app should be successful, you need to adopt this with great efficiency. The marketing world has certainly evolved over the years and gone far away from traditional marketing strategies. Social media is the current phenomenon to market your app in case you don’t wish that you app end up as a failed app which started with a great deal of promise, to begin with. To make your app distinctive in the app world is quite tough since there are more than 1.5 million other apps available to the users to select and download. You can definitely use paid advertising in order to drive more demand and sales, but that requires a significant amount of financial resources.


Now you must be thinking what are the various cost-effective methods to market your app in a successful way? Well, there are multiple ways, but social media remains to be the best method to make your app a success and create more demand. Social media has changed the way people choose and make a purchase decision. It can certainly help you in creating demand for your app with proper marketing strategies. In this article, we will discuss the essential ways to leverage social media marketing to make your app a success.


First, you need to plan ahead before launching your app. Planning remains to be the key aspect of your app marketing. You need to start building a list of things which addresses key aspects of your app’s viability and success potential. You need to figure out the content that is required to make your potential audience to see and read about your app. After that, you need to select the social media network to use like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You have to define the appropriate content for this. You need to plan mobile app development in the line of your app marketing strategy.


Find the relevant answers to determine the audience preferences and understanding the profile of potential customers. You need to define the target audience. You need to choose which social media to choose that will certainly help in making the best decisions when it comes to social media marketing.


Secondly, you have to create unique, informative as well as high-quality and persuasive content in your planning and turn your social media campaign to deliver more visibility to your app. You have to develop content that keeps your target audience interested and engages. In case you have to market your health and fitness app, then you should write about best tips to maintain fitness, best exercises, best foods, etc. to engage your audience and inform them. You should focus on creating compelling images, infographics, and videos which describe your app functioning which promote your app in a great way. Try to make your images attractive, make videos funny as well as quirky. Use them to promote your app on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as YouTube.


Most of the people present on social media respond and interact with updates and information that has human touch rather than tailored marketing content. Make sure that this aspect is kept in mind while developing content. Your passion to develop an app should translate to the people. Ask for feedback from the users as will help you to improve your app and you can reap the advantages of user reviews to improve your existing app. Try to engage in conversation with your users, accept mistakes and surprise the users with new features and functionalities in your app. Try to address the issues raised by your audience and find the right solutions when considering mobile app development.

Another social media marketing strategy is to reward your users on downloading your app. You can try various methods to motivate your users to refer your app to their family, friends, relatives as well as colleagues. It is a great way to boost up your app downloads. The app referral scheme also helps you to monitor user experience and helps you track the number of downloads being made.

The best way to make your app viral is to ask your user to share your content on their social media profile. To achieve this, you need to create compelling and informative content. Your content should highlight how it can help your user. Interact with people and convey your idea and notion behind the development of the app and its inherent benefits.

As an app developer, you need to check your impulses and not get carried away with the aim to gain to users that they can’t focus on your app and its benefits. The entire point of marketing is to make the people connect with your app and try to maintain their trust by creating and publishing contents which have immense value in mind of your users. You can certainly post humor, contests, infographics, as well as, video contents to make your user happy and convince them to download your app.

Since most developers are quite busy in developing various apps, it is hard for them to operate successful social media accounts in a timely fashion and with efficiency. There are many easy to use and economical tools that are available in the market such as Hootsuite, Buffer, etc. which can automate your social media activities and line-up your updates which can be published in advance. These tools help you schedule your social media post in advance.

Another key aspect of social media marketing is to understand the value of imagery and its benefits. You should remember that a picture can easily tell a vast amount of descriptive text. You can use images to create a post related to your app which makes it stand out from other apps. One of the best methods is to post screenshots of your app used by early users and post “Download the App” messages. Try to make the launch of your app more interesting in the eyes of your potential users. You can certainly add a countdown to release date of your app in the app stores. Keep posting messages about your app features and inform the users about new updates. Try to provide them tips to use your app in an efficient way and you can post a relevant picture of your app to go with that post.

Now, let’s look at most popular social media networks and discuss how you can use them to market your app.

1. Facebook

With over 1 billion users, Facebook can be your best social media channel for your app promotion. Firstly, you should set up a Facebook page of your app since it will offer your app a presence in the social media world and helps you in gaining credibility. It will help you to create a buzz for your app and also assist you gaining feedback from the users about your app. You can add various details of your app on the page and add screenshots of your app along with a call to action rightly placed at the header image. This will makes your app more visible. You can also join niche groups related to your app and promote your app there. You can also create your own Facebook group and invite users to join you. This will help you to interact with the people and gain valuable insights about their experiences and expectations from your app.

2. Twitter

Twitter has millions of user all over the world, and almost 85% of them use Twitter on their smartphones on a daily basis. Mobile app marketing allows you to reach out to and target Twitter users to drive them to install your app and create engagement with the at large scale. Twitter also allows you to reach out to influencers as you can mention them and ask them to tweet about your app. Twitter launched “Twitter Cards” which can be an essential part of your content marketing< which will help you in increasing your app visibility. This will result in increasing the number of downloads.

3. Instagram

Instagram has now become a major platform to share images and graphic content. With millions of users, Instagram can play a key role in the brand building of your app. Having a presence on this platform will make your app more visible to these users. You can use compelling images to drive people to download your app. You can also use hashtags to utilize the popular and recent trends to reach out to more people. Display the customer feedback of your app and screenshots of your app on your Instagram account.

4. Google+

There are numerous advantages of using Google+ to market your app, and one of these advantages is the in-built power of this social media platform to increase your ranking in organic search results. You can use hashtags just like Twitter and Instagram. Google+ has the ability to automatically create hashtags. You can also use these hashtags to optimize SEO. But try to avoid stuffing of keywords as it can adversely affect your ranking.


Creating a successful app requires much more than developing an app with rich-features and functionalities. In today’s competitive world of the app market, you need to effectively market your app to make it distinctive from other apps. You need to convey your notion behind the app and inherent advantages of your app to the prospective users to drive downloads. Social media marketing is one of the best tools to achieve so. It allows you to reach out to millions of users with little efforts. You just need to focus on creating engaging and useful content along with utilizing few successful marketing strategies. You need to leverage the inherent power of various social media channels and their key characteristics to boost the visibility of your app. These social media networks can certainly increase your app downloads by efficient marketing.

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