Kotlin: A Powerful Language for Android App Development

Manish Sharma, January 18, 2021

In the year 2017, Google launched its latest programming language, Kotlin, which took the Android app developer world by storm. It is currently considered to be the most efficient programming language that supports Android app development. Introduction of this new language is viewed as an exciting opportunity for the developers. This language allows to create much better apps for their prospective clients. It has created new avenues as well as possibilities for these developers. But there are many questions that are still answered. The most intriguing one is whether Kotlin is the best language when it comes to developing Android apps.

Well, Kotlin is a powerful language that present various solution to different problems faced by Android developers. Most of the developer have issues while using the popular programming language such as Java. Runtime exceptions along with verbosity of source code remain to be the most critical issues. With the introduction of Kotlin, it has become simpler to get started with programming the apps. The developers can easily introduce and utilize this language in their existing projects.

Kotlin is among the most sought-after open source programming language which specifically targets for JVM or Java Virtual Machines. It assists in streamlining the process of Android development in quite effective as well as efficient way. Compiling it to existing JS code or JavaScript code is easy. It is very similar to Java in terms of structure. It is craftily designed for different problems which Java offers a solution for. However, Kotlin does have many additional features which are far superior. It has a simple syntax as well as different concepts which are derived from functional programming. This provides quite a lot of enrichments in comparison to Java.

Now, let us discuss why Kotlin is termed as one of the most impactful and powerful languages for Android.

  • One of the key characteristics of this language is the enhancement it provides to development speed which it offers through less coding. It is a great development platform which provides the ability to the developer to develop app faster. Fundamentally, it requires less coding when compared with Java. Hence, it allows the developers to create apps in an effective manner as well as in less time with inherent simplicity.

  • It is compatible along with modern language for Android. It can be learned easily and swiftly by the developer. It is quite simpler in comparison to Java and even fresher can also learn in less time. It has lean along with intuitive syntax which makes it quite easy for the developer. Debugging is comparatively easier especially when it comes to writing code for apps. It leads to faster app development. These characteristics also make it much more interesting for the app developers which results in greater efficiency while programming.

  • Kotlin also offers much better interoperability with Java. This is one of the most salient feature of Kotlin. Java frameworks along with its libraries can easily be used in new Kotlin projects. Using this, many great features can be achieved by using advanced frameworks. Another brilliant feature of this language is that it doesn’t need any changes to the entire project written in Java. The developers can not only use Kotlin but also Java, in order to compile the project. They can also utilize the features of Kotlin without any requirement of changing the code for any given existing project. A developer doesn’t have to switch to an entirely new project. Kotlin compiler creates a bridge between Kotlin and Java, using Bytecode.

  • Since this open source language is under Apache 2, Java-to-Kotlin converter tool is required for the developer to convert any existing Java files. This tool is very effective as well as useful when it comes to changing complex codes into simpler code. It also provides an opportunity to the developer to not only save their time but also reduce the amount of work. Kotlin also offers great support to networks of the open developers. It provides the strength of open source in order to make the network even stronger. Kotlin is also built to run on both iOS as well as Mac as native code. Talking about web development, it compiles to JavaScript Another great aspect of this programming language of Android app development is that it is available for free. This means that a developer need not require to spend any amount of money to use it. Kotlin offers new possibilities as well as opportunities to the Android developers in order to explore their skills of Android app development.

  • Kotlin is now considered to be most secure and versatile programming language. Along with its additional features, it helps the developers in avoiding errors. With its efficient compiler, it auto-cast mistakes. Kotlin also allows the app developers to inculcate rich features into their apps. These features consist of built-in checking as well as extension methods to add new features and functionalities, to name a few.


At present, Kotlin is considered to be the most impactful and powerful language owing to its great code along with its exceptional performance. With less runtime as well as useful libraries, it is becoming a preferable choice for developers, over Java. Its variety of rich features and functionalities along with different benefits has made it a preferred language of future app development in Android.

Owing to simpler and lesser coding in comparison with Java as well as simpler debugging, it improves as well as eases the app development process. It also helps the developer to use existing codes in order to complete a project rather than creating an entirely new project. This inherent feature makes it quite easy for the developers to learn and hence implement in their existing projects.Kotlin provides vast opportunities to the Android app developers. Above-mentioned factors and features make Kotlin as a preferred choice when it comes to Android app development.

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