Hire Magento Developer

Combined with complete backend functionality along with a user-friendly design, you can create an e-commerce solution that can perform on any device. Magento web developers at PixelPoint Technologies are quite known for delivering high-quality magneto commerce solutions. When you are with Pixel Point Magento development company, you hire Magento developer who is highly experienced in customizing, developing, implementing as well as supporting e-commerce store which is developed using Magento.

Magento is actually an open-source e-commerce development platform which is built with both flexibility and customization kept in mind, providing online merchants with the chance to design their online store as they wish to easily. It is quite easy to use, and its varied features include everything which you will require for your e-commerce store.

Why Hire Magento Developer ?

It is true that every business has different options when it is going on the web to choose the e-commerce web development technologies. For example, few PHP based open-source platform are quite great for low and small budget projects while big e-commerce projects require strong as well as functional solutions with futuristic and stable technologies.

Magento is among them and offers a feature-rich e-commerce platform for most modern tech-savvy customers. For example, management of multiple stores with a single backend, along with advanced search features, secure and encrypted shopping carts, a seamless checkout process and others.Our talented and creative Magento developers provide the best solution for your requirements of desired results. Even though the budget is always a major constraint in most projects, however, our hiring packages are quite capable of meeting your requirements without compromising on quality as well as timely delivery within your budget.

Why Choose us?

PixelPoint Technology has a team of expert and experienced Magento developers who provide Magento development services which include designing as well as the development of e-commerce solution using the most prolific Magento platform.
Our Magento developers are quite motivated to create brilliant e-commerce stores as well as mobile e-commerce apps. We consider all your requirements in the development and take care of complete e-commerce solution development which includes business analysis as well as interface design.You must know that you can’t essentially run a Magento store without the help of a great developer to support you. There is always something which is required to be changed or fixed. Online stores and businesses which run on Magento always hire Magento developer to keep their store free from bugs and updated. We implement best e-commerce practices for developing, designing, maintaining as well as delivering aesthetically appealing e-commerce stores.

Hire Magento Developer Monthly

You can hire Magento developer on a monthly basis for this service where you will be assigned with a dedicated Magento developer for your project. It is the best working model for the purpose of creating projects based on Magento. You can easily ask our Magento developer to work as per your ideas and vision. You can seamlessly communicate with the Magento developer at any time between our working hours, and the developer will certainly respond to your questions with relevant answers.
This service includes:

  • NDA for 3 years.

  • 160 hours of dedicated support on a monthly basis from skilled Magento developer.

  • 1-month advance booking is required.

  • You are completely responsible for all assignments of the tasks to the developer.

  • We provide 160 hours of development support in this particular service.

Hire Magento Developer hourly

You can hire Magento developer hourly in this model where the Magento developer will be working as per the working hours. It is the best-suited model in case you require small changes to be done in your project.

  • NDA for 3 years.

  • You are charged as per the working hours of the Magento developer.

  • The well-suited service model for small modules along with bug fixing.

  • The Magento developer is responsible for the prior estimation of working hours.

  • Track the working hours through third party hour tracking.

Hire Magento developer Fixed Price

In case you wish to clone any particular idea for your business, then this service model is best for you. We offer an estimated fixed cost with all the features. It is a well-suited model for the clients who wish to feel secure as this model allows them to actually be aware of how much they have to pay for the project.

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