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PixelPoint Technology proud itself for its extremely talented Angular JS developers who have proven their expertise in a wide range of projects. Angular JS is among the rapidly growing development frameworks at present. As it is developed by Google, it has the best team working on it. Angular JS has proven its success in fulfilling the main goal of structuring and simplifying JavaScript code as well as it has remain capable of withstanding the change with its constant upgradation. So, if you wish to hire the best experts in AngularJS, then you have landed at the right place at PixelPoint Technology to hire AngularJS developer.

Communication is the key pillar of every project. If it is weak, then the project will probably fall out. But our team of skilled AngularJS developers are smart, and quality oriented that they have a great personal style of working where the communication is at its core. Whether it is about getting the right brief, before the start of the project or keeping a consistent touch with you to keep you updated on the progress of the project. They keep the communications clear and the projects to be well-timed.

If you want to hire AngularJS developer for one project or two or even for a particular time period, then our team is completely suitable for your requirements. They are always available to the meetings related to the project in order to provide complete justification for your project. They know the vital signs of all the time as well as the availability of related aspects which means they voluntarily choose to stick to them for the purpose of the project.

We have developed projects for our clients for multiple industries which are enough to explain our experience and expertise of Angular JS. Each time a new project is handed over to us, our team work on it as a personal project. The progress driven attitude of our team allows them to deliver the best possible solution for our clients. This leads to the addition of quality of their highly extensive experience.

Errors are part of every project, and no amount of experience can actually make any project error free. But the capabilities of our highly skilled Angular JS developers make them stand out from the entire crowd. Along with this, their inherent ability to think as well as work rationally in the times of any trouble is something which is due to their rich experience. So, in case there is any problem arrives while working on the project then it won’t be a matter of concern. We are leading AngularJS development company in India, and the developers of our company can handle each problem and finally bring out the solution without breaking a sweat.

Hire AngularJS Developer Monthly

You can hire AngularJS developer for monthly basics in this particular service where we will be assigning you a dedicated Angular JS developer for your project. It is the best model for the purpose of crafting projects based on Angular JS. You can ask our developer to work according to your idea. You can also communicate with the developer at any given time between the working hours, and the developer will surely respond to your queries with relevant answers.

This service includes:

  • NDA for 3 years

  • 160 hours dedicated support on a monthly basis from skilled AngularJS developer

  • 1-month advance booking is a must.

  • You will be completely responsible for the assignment of the tasks to the developer.

  • We offer 160 hours of development support in this service.

Hire AngularJS Developer hourly

You can hire AngularJS developer hourly in this service model where the developer will be working as per the hours. It is the best model if you need small changes or tasks to be done for your project.

  • NDA for 3 years

  • You will be charged as per the working hours of the developer.

  • The best service model for small new modules as well as bug fixing.

  • The developer will be responsible for the prior estimation of hours.

  • We can track the working hours using third party hour tracking.

Hire AngularJS developer Fixed Price

If you wish to clone some idea for your own business, then this particular model is the best fit. We provide you with an estimated fixed cost with the features. It is the most sought-out model among our clients where the clients feel secure as they are aware of how much they are required to pay.

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