Manish Sharma, September 28, 2018

The Top 5 AI Chatbots you need to know

A lot of businesses are now choosing AI chatbots as an essential part of their business operations especially in customer service. There is a variety of reasons for this adoption. Chatbots can easily answer the inquiries of the customers in a cheaper and quicker manner in real-time. Another major reason is the inherent ease of […]


Manish Sharma, August 2, 2018

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality – A New Paradigm

Innovation drives technological progress in tremendous ways. The new technologies of the world are shaping different industries like healthcare, gaming, education, manufacturing etc. It is quite difficult to find where to draw the line. There are a lot of possibilities which are there to be achieved. Among the recent technologies are Augmented Reality (AR) and […]


Manish Sharma, July 20, 2018

React Native vs iONIC | Pros | Cons

Here, we provide React Native VS ionic with the different aspects, features, pros as well as cons of these 2 popular best hybrid app development frameworks which allows you to easily decide which one is best for you for the development of your own mobile app. React Native vs Ionic Pros and Cons You Need […]


best hybrid app development framework

Manish Sharma, June 8, 2018

Hybrid app development framework for mobile app development

In recent years, hybrid mobile app development has changed the entire landscape for the web developers and has made it easier for them to create any kind of app which performs quite efficiently on different platforms like Android, iOS without any extra effort. There are numerous advantages of Hybrid apps that includes access to a […]


Manish Sharma, December 19, 2017

Flat Design vs. Material Design: Which is better?

The design is essentially a bait to attract the users in the web world. It is essentially a call-to-action in a sense. Most of the designers craft unique design to offer the optimal mobile app design solutions to customers. It is more about eye-catching digital canvas which entices the customers. When it comes to distinction […]