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Manish Sharma, January 18, 2021

Maintained by Google, Angular JS, an open source framework, addresses the challenges which were faced by the developers when it comes to developing as well as testing the code. It integrates HTML codes along with application modules which forms a framework. Based on design pattern MVC or Model View Controller Architecture, it is ordinarily utilized for planning different rich web applications. With the introduction of Angular JS 4, a new as well as improved features of Angular technology assisted AngularJS development services. It can easily synchronize with different models as well as view making AngularJS development a quite simple process. To describe it clearly, the important features of AngularJS are Two-way binding, directives, templates, MVC structure, dependency injections as well as testing features. Now the question arises why mobile application and website development company prefer AngularJS when it comes to developing web and mobile applications. Let’s get into details with various points explaining this trend.

Angular Advantages

  • The first characteristic of Angular JS development is its simpler design architecture currently used by the developers. It is quite easy to learn by these developers, and it enhances the features to a great extent which any particular client requires. When it comes to management of heavy web applications which contains various components as well as complex requirements, it works extremely well.

  • Most of the large applications contain different components which are generally more than 60. AngularJS makes it quite easy especially in managing them even when a new programmer joins the development project in the midst of the process. This architecture allows the programmer to not only locate but also develop the code without facing any difficulty.

  • Another key feature of AngularJS is that it utilizes HTML in order to define UI whereas when the developer is utilizing an interface which is written in JavaScript, HTML code bolsters that User Interface or UI. So, AngularJS helps in simplifying the app development. This is supported by the fact that the developer has to simply characterize the different necessities and allow the AngularJS to do alternate occupations of User Interface.

  • When it comes to saving time, AngularJS helps in achieving it as it requires lesser time to code the entire application since it is the latest technology derived from HTML. Developing web apps with AngularJS is quite easy, quicker as well as require less effort. The developer can easily get started with developing the apps. By simply adding few attributes to the HTML code, any simple app, whether web or mobile app, can be built at a quicker pace.

  • AngularJS development requires less coding which helps the developers to lay special focus on the efficiency of the app rather than writing the codes. When a developer catches a feature to include in the app, it is quite easier for him to put the code lines and it delivers better results.

  • Most of the time, developers have to write the same code over and over again while developing an app, especially in HTML. AngularJS solves this problem as the developer can easily reuse the same code which he has written before. This makes AngularJS a unique framework as it saves a significant amount of time.

  • Dependency Injection is a key feature of AngularJS framework. It works great with testing as well as Single Page Application design.

  • Another salient feature of Angular JS is Two-Way Data Binding. When any data is moved from model to view, the synchronization is duly handled between the model and DOM in an efficient manner. This allows development of web applications an easy process. Hence, data binding is one of the best features of AngularJS.

  • One of the contemporary web development procedure is Model-View-View-Model or MVVC architecture which is supported by AngularJS.

  • AngularJS helps in reducing the burden on server CPUs by supporting caching as well as different other processes. This essentially means that the server can easily perform with greater efficiency due to reduced traffic since it only has to respond to API calls as well as serve static files.

  • When it comes to end-to-end and unit testing, AngularJS provide much-needed support. The testing is easier and much more flexible at the different development level. It also has impressive testing compatibilities.

  • Dependency coupled with MVC architecture is brilliantly handled by AngularJS which allows the developers to develop the applications in a parallel way. This feature makes AngularJS a preferred framework over others.


AngularJS provides a variety of benefits to app development process owing to its efficient features as well as production methods. The angular developers are offered with a smooth web and mobile app development framework that allows them to develop effective web and mobile applications. This is the reason why companies like Upwork, Freelancer, etc. use AngularJS for application development. AngularJS is the futuristic development framework which will continue to revolutionize the way web and mobile applications are developed, and the possibilities are limitless.

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