7 Mobile App Technology Trends For 2018

Manish Sharma , December 18, 2017 mobile app trends

2017 saw a tremendous transformation when it comes to the domain of mobile application and technology. It took a giant leap in terms of customer experience. With tech leaders like Google and Apple looking to get broader application references with latest devices and utility scope, we have seen great changes made in AI, VR and AT which are interpreted into the real-time application of mobile solutions.
As the year draws to its end, there are different technological trends that are emerging in the market which will leave a great impact in the year 2018 in the mobile technology. There are prominent ones which explore future prospects and caters the requirements of the user with innovative and newer offerings, proposing great opportunities for any mobile app development company looking to earn profits in these changing times.
In this article, we illustrate the top 7 mobile app trends which are most likely to dictate in the year 2018 and should be followed by the app development companies for their business growth.

Mobile App Trends 2018  you need to know 

1. Expansion of Mobile apps into the Web Domain

One of the most talks about opportunities and possibilities lies in the focusing of businesses on the mobile apps trends on their web versions. We have witnessed a lot of talks generated over the mobile app space in recent years and businesses are trying to diversify and reinvent their efforts by entering into the web app domain. In earlier times, the businesses experimented with the mobile-only approach, and now they have analyzed and found the necessity of adopting mobile-plus- web identity, as it seems more strategically relevant and possibly more penetrating in the market. The major reason behind this trend is declining authority of search engine that businesses experiences while going only with a mobile application. The app store for Android as well as iOS currently have nearly 5 million apps, and the numbers keep on growing.
In 2018, we expect that the most of the top player as well as innovators in mobile app domain taking prominent actions towards their presence on the web. The businesses are now starting fresh to join the bandwagon too and contributing to this trend. While the users are expected to show a decent response as they would, they get more space as well as a bigger landscape to interface with.

The rise of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) which are the lite version of native mobile apps allow the users to access the major and core app functionalities without any requirement of installing them and getting them through their respective web counterparts.

Android Instant Apps provide the users to access various app functionalities, without any requirement to download them. All the user have to do is follow the URL and get to use different app features as well as functionalities.
With a wide range of possibilities with Progressive Web Apps and Instant Apps that they offer, there is significant value for both startups as well as established businesses to get hold of the trend and get the major market. These apps are easier to access as they are low-priced solutions and one can easily get access to mobile services while on the fly on the web.

2. Increased Application of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has shown great promise in recent times, one can remember the impact Pokemon Go had on the world. This technology is getting more easily accessible and gaining popularity as users have shown great interest in this technology.

In the year 2017, we show a great rise in AR and VR not only in promotional as well as engagement purposes but also started to be integrated with various faces of both value and utility.

Virtual reality is predicted to have a growth in the market to $30 billion by 2020 which makes it a lucrative technology to concentrate efforts by both new app development companies as well as established ones
With the growing technology line-up on a continuous basis, it offers better resources and facilities which is leading to adoption by various business with a great extent of involvement. It also shows all the potential to make a bigger phenomenon in the year 2018 mobile app trends. If your business can make optimal utilization of these technologies to impact on the growth aspect, then you should definitely take it up before your competitor manages to grab the major share in this upcoming market.

A mobile app development company can pick up this technology to create more immersive apps to cater the growing requirements of users especially the gaming community and entertainment industry.

3. Expect more of IoT and Wearables to hit the market

Internet of Things (IoT) has made its headway in people’s lives and is currently used in a variety of forms in different segments. It has penetrated in extensive fashion especially in the home automation segment in recent years. If we talk about Wearables, there are many examples which evidently showcase how swiftly they are growing in the market and people’s lives. It is not a particular realm or a segment, but it is present virtually everywhere in the form of smartwatches, smart glasses, fitness bands and Bluetooth earbuds. With many innovators and industry experts in manufacturing taking wearables as a perspective segment of exploration and exploitation of the technology, they are thinking of making major strides in the field. It is the most profitable thing after smartphone. At present over 25,000 apps are present in the domain of wellness and fitness category in various app stores such as Android Play Store and Apple App Store and the numbers are expected to grow tremendously in 2018 mobile app trends. It brings a great opportunity for growth of technology, especially for the forward-looking businesses.

4. Artificial Intelligence enabled Mobile Applications

Artificial Intelligence is a relatively new thing when it comes to technology domain, but it is rapidly adopted and growing. As we look at the recent trends, we stumble upon the fact that there are increased reach and higher integration as well as adaptations in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space. With personal assistants like Siri ordering products to buy and food for the customers, and then there are various voice bots which intelligently reply to queries of the customers and provide relevant information.
By the culmination of 2018 mobile app trends, AI will definitely reach greater heights of auto-adaptations where the devices will absorb the data themselves and using deep learning with the use of artificial neural networks from the environment and feeds, will serve a greater purpose. They will be succinctly programmed to carry out tasks through reasoning, perceptions and learned experiences. In the year 2018 mobile app trends, one can expect a digital consumer assistant which will recognize the face as well as voice and response of the person depending on the various requirements of users by uniquely interacting with them on a personal basis.
The AI technologies which are touted to rule in 2018 mobile app trends include various technical aspects such as Speech recognition, Deep Learning Platforms, Decision Management, Natural Language Generation as well as Processing along with Robotic Process Automation and even Biometrics. A mobile app development company can effectively utilize these upcoming technologies to provide more intuitive and innovative apps to their customers.

5. Focus on Security of Mobile Apps

With increasing focus on the security of apps and business looking at technology experts for getting security-related issues to be sorted, there are many high-security options will be available to protect apps from various online malicious threats and risks.
Owing to online databases’ volatility as well as integrated environments which are vulnerable where these apps operate and serve the customers, the industry is witnessing a trend in radical measures to be taken to protect the interests of the user.

Hence, in the year 2018 mobile app trends, we can witness some of the highly sensitive as well as an authentic measure which will serve the growing demand for app security.

We can expect stronger password locks, multi-layered validation access,  encrypted storages, remote wipe-setup along with the higher level of monitoring as well as authorization practices to be inculcated by the businesses in the apps.

6. Rise of Digital Wallets and Virtual Money

Digital payment services are undergoing a tremendous transformation with high-end technology resources and virtual money space interrupted with compelling and highly impactful possibilities as well as inventive offerings.
At present, we can see the growing trend on the market with urban population evolving to purchase products online and paying through various digital mode for any random daily purchases and even paying the bills online. There is increasing showing tendencies favorable towards making digital wallets as well as virtual payment gateways as a part of life and clearly showcase the way businesses are getting committed to this aspect.


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7. Hybrid apps getting over Native apps

App technology is every expanding domain which provides more resourcefulness as well as compliant towards evolved business requirements and commitments. It is currently taking a route which is flexible enough to prove to be more valid as well as coherent in its various offerings along with cost-effective integrations as well as compliances which are flexible.
Businesses are now moving towards more comprehensive options and showing keen interest towards hybrids mobile applications. Irrespective of the domain, type or even size of the business, one can certainly see that most of the hybrid apps are present on all the platforms, and this is due to the fact that any mobile app development company looking for getting significant market share, is going for hybrid app development which is not only easy but has affordable access. With getting the right skills required for web app development, one can easily develop hybrid apps catering to the growing demand for such apps.

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